Tis the Season

Tis the Season . . . of growing anxiety that is.  Every year at this time we become the broken record forewarning of the disappointment when the plan for the holidays falls short simply due to running out of time.  Time is so precious and valuable and there is so little relative to all we need to do – so, we get it.  And yet here we are again and here we must be to advise with all sincerity to get your plans finalized now and get on the calendar for installation, repairs etc. or risk hosting the holidays in an incomplete – less than perfect – setting.  We are here to help so call us asap to move your plans forward and get the stress and anxiety off the agenda.

With that, we have 3 key suggestions:

First:  Standard, in-stock items can cut days, even weeks off the project’s time frame so be thorough in checking out what is available in case there is something there that you can love just as much (or more) than what you were originally thinking.

Second: Line up and lock down any pre-contractor obligations that are needed in preparation for your fireplace project itself.  Delays here can cause a crashing domino effect on the whole project so communicate regularly with your contractor to make sure you and they are on the same page and remind them how much you appreciate their efforts because you have gone ahead and scheduled the project based on their promise.

Third: Have a “Plan B” at the ready – if possible.  While a “Plan B” likely will not get you to the promised land because, by the time you need to initiate it, it will be past the point that the work can be done within the time frame. Specifically leaving everything in a presentable – albeit temporary – stage while using it as a great conversation starter.  That is, unless you really did get started early leaving enough time for a plan B maybe even a plan C which clearly makes you a bit unusual and unquestionably a winner and our hero and we laud your skill and capabilities – bravo.

Have a great and colorful Autumn and let’s look forward to a smooth holiday season with family and friends.