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Full Chimney Cleaning and Inspection Service

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Chimney Sweep Service
Chimney Sweep Service

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Chimney Sweeping

SAFETY – it’s all about safety

The National Fire Protection Code 211 recommends an annual Chimney inspection and with that, we add a full chimney-sweeping which is important for a thorough inspection.   Virtually all fuels – but especially wood – has some degree of incomplete burning resulting in the creation of creosote which gets discharged along with the other elements of smoke.  This creosote clings to the walls of your chimney as it rises up the shaft coating the wall over time and eating into the porous walls.  Additionally and when enough of this element collects it is highly vulnerable to re-igniting causing a chimney fire which can then ignite other areas of your home.  

Chimney Caps

Chimney Caps deliver 3 important safety features – protection from Rain, Animals, and Sparks

Chimney Re-Lining

A chimney liner is a great first step in the protection and safety of you and your family as well as extending the life and structural integrity of your chimney.

Chimney Repairs

With the many structural aspects of a chimney, there are unfortunately things that can become compromised.  Failures can be due to such things as settling and a buildup of creosote – over time.  Annual inspections are an important safeguard to uncover such things to repair them before they expand.

Top-Sealing Dampers

Occasionally an existing damper cannot be repaired but we have a solution that puts a Top-Sealing damper at the top of the chimney.  This can only be done on chimneys with ceramic tile lining

Chimney Sweep Service

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